How to Contact Facebook Support

 How to Contact Facebook Support


In today's digital age, Facebook has become an integral platform for individuals and businesses alike to connect, communicate, and engage with their audiences. However, like any other technology, issues may arise that require the assistance of Facebook's support team. This essay aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to effectively contact Facebook support for businesses in various Arab countries.

Contact Methods

Phone Support

Facebook offers phone support for businesses in different Arab countries. Some of the key phone support numbers include:

  • KSA: +966-8008500993
  • Egypt: +20-8000007720
  • UAE: +971-8008130905

Email Support

For businesses requiring assistance via email, the following are the official email addresses for Facebook support:

Social Media Channels

Businesses can also seek support through Facebook's social media channels, such as Facebook Business Page messaging or Twitter support handles specific to each country.

Tips for Effective Communication

Be Clear and Concise

When reaching out to Facebook support, it is essential to be clear and concise in explaining the issue faced. Providing relevant details and avoiding unnecessary information can expedite the resolution process.

Provide Relevant Information

To help the support team better understand the problem, include relevant information such as account details, error messages, and steps taken before encountering the issue.

Follow Up

In case of delayed responses or unresolved issues, it is advisable to follow up with the support team politely. Persistence can often lead to a successful resolution.

Common Support Issues

Businesses may encounter various issues requiring Facebook support, including:

  • Account Login Problems
  • Page Management Assistance
  • Ad Campaign Support
  • Technical Glitches
  • Policy Violations and Enforcement


In conclusion, contacting Facebook support for businesses in Arab countries is crucial for resolving issues promptly and ensuring a seamless experience on the platform. By utilizing phone support, email communication, and social media channels effectively, businesses can address common issues and seek assistance from Facebook's dedicated support team. Following the tips provided for effective communication can enhance the overall support experience and lead to timely issue resolution.