Contacting Jumeirah Hotels Group Business Support

Contacting Jumeirah Hotels Group Business Support


Jumeirah Hotels Group is a renowned hospitality company with a global presence. Understanding how to effectively contact their business support team is essential for resolving any issues that may arise. This essay will provide comprehensive details on how to reach out to Jumeirah Hotels Group business support, including contact numbers, email addresses, social media channels, communication tips, and common problems they can assist with.

Contact Numbers for Business Support in Various Arab Countries

To contact Jumeirah Hotels Group business support in different Arab countries, individuals can utilize the following phone numbers:

  • Saudi Arabia: +966 800 897 1439
  • United Arab Emirates: +971 4 364 7555
  • Bahrain: +973 1717 1000
  • Kuwait: +965 222 696 33
  • Qatar: +974 4496 6188

Business Support Email Addresses

For queries and assistance, individuals can reach out to Jumeirah Hotels Group business support via email at the following addresses:

  • General Inquiries:
  • Sales Enquiries:
  • Corporate Partnerships:

Social Media Channels for Business Support

Jumeirah Hotels Group offers business support through various social media platforms. To seek assistance or engage with their team, individuals can connect via:

  • Twitter: @JumeirahBusiness
  • LinkedIn: Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts
  • Facebook: Jumeirah Business

Effective Communication Tips with the Business Support Team

When communicating with Jumeirah Hotels Group business support, it is important to follow these effective communication tips:

  1. Clearly state the issue or query concisely.
  2. Provide relevant details such as booking reference numbers or account information.
  3. Maintain a professional and respectful tone throughout the communication.
  4. Be patient and allow the support team time to investigate and respond to your query.
  5. Follow up if necessary but avoid being repetitive.

Examples of Common Issues Business Support Can Resolve

The business support team at Jumeirah Hotels Group is well-equipped to assist with various common problems, including:

  • Reservation modifications or cancellations.
  • Billing discrepancies and payment clarifications.
  • Corporate event bookings and inquiries.
  • Loyalty program assistance.
  • General inquiries regarding business stays and accommodations.


In conclusion, contacting Jumeirah Hotels Group business support is essential for a seamless business experience. By utilizing the provided contact numbers, email addresses, and social media channels, individuals can effectively communicate their queries and resolve any issues they may encounter. Following the outlined communication tips and being aware of the common problems the support team can assist with will ensure a productive and efficient interaction with Jumeirah Hotels Group business support.